About Us

About US

www.thugojipagojifoods.com is a website that was launched by two budding young entrepreneurs Mr. Prashanth E and Mr. Hari Krishna. They both came across each other in a hostel they were staying in, during a job search and soon they found out they both were from the same town.

The business was registered in the year 2019 with an idea that struck when Prashanth and Hari were strolling around food stalls nearby their hostel. While they were undergoing pressure like any other student that looks for a job. They discovered that they had keen interest in showing native sweets taste to their loved ones.

Whenever Prashanth was travelling back to his hometown, he would carry some delicacies to his family and friends and loved looking at the joy they had while eating.

By then Hari was working with an employer where his work demanded him to travel across various towns. While coming back home, he used to carry sweets to his neighbors and family as well.

Soon the word spread across their relatives that whenever they didn’t get sweets from them, they would ask of them where the sweets were. Eventually, the demand for sweets amongst their relatives and friends grew. 

At the same time, being away from home they used to miss homemade food and delicacies. This made them think and opened door ways for others who were in the same boat.

Prashanth and HariKrishna then came up with an idea that soon would turn into a business. They invested their own money to open up a website and tied up with home food sellers from locations, where the food is famous for and that sell only NATIVE foods.

 Now the aim of Thugoji Pagoji Foods (TGPG) is to deliver native home foods to consumers across every town and abroad whoever is away from their native towns, missing homemade food.

TGPG’s everlasting goal is to just hear the remarkable reviews from their consumers.

Currently TGPG is working towards achieving to introduce almost all variety of native sweets from its east and west Godavari regions of Andhra Pradesh. Being said that they are also getting ready for offline stores at various locations in Telugu states.

TGPG entrepreneurs say they are very proud to introduce Original makers of their recipes from home food sellers to consumers.

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