Are Andhra Pickles healthy to eat?

Are Andhra Pickles healthy to eat

Pickles are sour and spicy to eat. It’s traditional and age old recipe. Andhra pickles are India’s favorite add-on to any dish. Even when there’s no stew or curry to eat, a spoonful of pickle alone can make you feel full with rice. Indian Pickles are different from Western pickles and there is a lot going on in Indian Pickles.

There are varieties of pickles available in India and they vary slightly in texture or make from state to state. Telugu states of India prepare pickles very tastily and some are spicy, red and hot. Now the point is whether eating Andhra pickles really healthy? Either it’s a yea or nay, it’s going to take you on a pickle tour today.

For the past few decades, Andhra pickles come in range of vegetable pickles to non-vegetarian pickles. They undergo a traditional and natural procedure to make them at home or by home-made food sellers. They are totally safe to eat and some pickles are even healthy to take.

Eating pickles moderately will cause no harm. However carefulness has to be maintained in cases where an individual is having exceptionally high BP. The reason why in some cases Pickles may be harmful is because there’s certain amount of salt being added to it for marinating and it replenish to what’s already there in our body.

Pickles stay in jars for few weeks to undergo fermentation before being eaten. There’s that peculiar taste that shows up only when juices are naturally fermented. They have good shelf life about a year to eat.

However not all that prepare pickles at home, some don’t even dare thinking about making pickle at home. It is a hefty procedure and expertise that’s required to make them perfectly done. It is a common thought half of us think to buy pickles from a supermarket near us when we need them.

Again a question pops up, which brand to go for? Well, I say be picky and read your labels before you buy them. Most pickles store bought is chemically processed to preserve them from expiring too soon. Especially if you are person that who knows your traditional pickle, then you’d know the difference in taste.

Sometimes commercial big brands that are in the market for pickles range are not worth their appearance. They come up with marketing gimmicks and trick buyers with low price, fake ingredients and machine processed.

How about we get something that is handmade, truly blessed to be genuine in taste like handmade? Yes, that is what we all look for.

Home-made food sellers from small towns are making pickles with ease and hand-made expertise. For example, Famous Andhra leaf, Gongura or Sorrel leaves is made from sun dried and fried, before they turn that into a beautiful, glazy pickle.

Who wouldn’t want a seasonal raw mango pickle or a healthy ginger pickle? Well do not wait to taste them all.

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