Telagapindi (Defatted Sesame flour ) 1kg

Telagapindi (Defatted Sesame flour ) 1kg



  • Telagapindi is a powder which has extracted from defeated white sesame oil cake during the process of extracting sesame oil from raw sesame seeds by a wooden press with help of cows in villages by a traditional process now a days instead of cows people are also using alternatives as a electric motors.
  • In telugu this process is natively named as a “GANUGU”.
  • Once this extraction process is done defeated sesame flour is sun dried and will be processed for the next level of packaging.
  • Telagapindi has been widely using from the past our ancestors because of its nutritional value, during the process of cooking vegetable curries and other purposes.
  • People also believes Telagapindi is a good combination food for the lactating mothers because of its rich source of nutritional value like fibers, lignans etc.. more ever other advantages also seen by using telagpindi like anti oxidant properties, cancer protection, cardio protection etc..



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