A Sweet that Mesmerize us at all times: Madatha Khaja

South of India, there’s a place called Tapeswaram in Godavari District. Well this place is known for Madatha Khaja, a sweet. In 1930, Madatha Khaja a sweet delicacy came into limelight. They are known for its unique taste created from layered sweet. Madatha means Fold in Telugu.

This sweet is famous for its layered appearance and the crispy texture soaked in sugar syrup. It is not just any sweet; Madatha Khaja’s are known to bring good luck in wedding seasons. In many Hindu weddings, they use this sweet as a dessert and prepare or order them in bulk and it turns out to be main attraction in wedding dishes.

Madatha Khaja’s has now become part of traditional festive season, be it wedding or any celebration. They are genuinely made from natural food ingredients without artificial food agents.

The uniqueness of its taste comes from preparation of Maida or common flour, butter, cardamom, baking soda, sugar, cardamom etc. Ingredients might make it look simple recipe, however, without proper skill and expertise, the taste and shape of Khajas might alter.

Madatha Khaja’s can be prepared at home, but then it is not a regular food item that simply can be done. That could be the reason why many order these items from stores or online. But the problem arises when that childhood memory of original taste is not showing up, that’s why it is sometimes good to give a chance to experts.

The demand for this sweet has risen in the last few decades, as for every occasion, the sweet is being ordered. If this sweet is made handmade it takes more time than expected, this is why the original sweet makers are using machines to meet the demand of the masses.

From mixing to spreading sheets before they get rolled into layers, everything is prepared as good as handmade. Once the dough is mixed and spread out, they cut them equally into same sized layers and arrange one above the other and roll them and press them. Now these are dumped into generous amount of sugar syrup and soak them until all the layers are absorbed with sweetness.

Madatha Khaja’s are mild in sweet taste and crispy on the outside, yet soft in bite. I know this might make you think how the originality of the sweet comes out in flying colors. There’s only one way to find out its uniqueness, it is to taste it.

The freshest and native Madatha Khaja, we pray bring you good luck with its spread of sweetness across your homes.

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