Feeling Tired and Exhausted can be a sign of Iron deficiency in the Body.

While you were young you would have ran, jumped, shouted, screamed, hopped and popped. What about now? Well, for most of us who are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, it remains a question. The reasons may be from lack of proper dietary solution or other medical conditions.

In every 200 women, at least 50 women have shown iron deficiency, according to latest survey. Women are more prone to having iron deficiency in the body for several reasons. Women usually undergo menstrual problems or Mothers would have lost lot of blood during initial stages of post pregnancy.

A huge loss of blood sometimes leads to anemic conditions in a person. And in turn this is may cause cancers etc. The good news is low levels of iron in body is treatable when symptoms are identified at early stage.

We all know from schools, that Iron is the important mineral in our blood that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. If you do not take foods that are rich in iron then it may lead to tiredness, headaches, uneasiness, and fatigue and low immunity levels.      

It is recommended that people with low deficiency are often prescribed to take iron supplements if your food intake is not carrying adequate iron minerals. Often ignorance will lead to anemic conditions.

Forget what anemic conditions can cause. So let’s stick to words that say, prevention is better than cure. Intake of mineral rich foods, especially iron rich will help preventing any future diseases in us.

Ensure you include foods that have this essential mineral in them, foods like lamb, chicken, Spinach, broccoli, eggs, nuts etc.

Other food that’s rich in iron is Jaggery. Jaggery in India is a good substitute for sugar for its health benefits, especially for its richness in iron resource. Every 100 grams of Jaggery contains 11mg of iron. It is always advisable to intake Jaggery in snacks like peanuts. Many Indian sweets contain Jaggery which is a healthy alternative for sugar made snacks.

Get regular tests done for iron deficiency to check the level of iron in your body. You will be more cautious in what you intake when you undergo regular health checks.

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