Importance of Thugoji Pagoji Sweets

Importance of Thugoji Pagoji Sweets

We prefer eating home-made foods be it on a special occasion or on a sweet tooth day. Especially when one is away from home or studying or working somewhere else and staying away from parents you tend to miss sweets or those traditionally made recipes.

It’s hard to make now-a-days the recreation of traditional sweets or find those authentic sweet pastries from a shop near you.

Who wouldn’t love an authentic sweet like Putharekulu or Bandhar Laddu that you get from your favorite shop in your home town? Or you would wish your mother is there for you to dish out those traditional food cravings.

However not all are blessed to prepare them immediately at home or your favorite sweet shop is next to you. With Thugoji Pagoji Foods you are worry free to look for them elsewhere when it’s just an order away. 

With you get to order online all kinds of genuine foods that are available in your hometown. Most sweet shops that sell sweets or other variety of Andhra foods are available on from areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Be it Kakinada Khaja or Tapeswaram Khaja, got it covered for you. Well researched and tied up with famous sweet shops, where you probably get them while away from home are all here on

Sweet smelling aromas or buttery taste of Mysore Pak, Ghee Sunnundalu or Ghee Bobatlu wouldn’t want to leave you while you had to miss. Expertise is required to make these pastries to bring them to perfection and it is only possible with original food makers.

Crunchy cashews mixed with healthy Jaggery makes it a healthy explosion and it might be common. Like a magic in mommas hand, they only come from your favorite town.

Putharekulu from Andhra Pradesh is another dish made in sophistication yet it melts in your mouth. They come in two varieties one in simple form of layers with sugar powder and other one in dry fruits. Many Telugu people just don’t eat what they eat; they take it to their memories. It is possible only when food hits those fine notes of tongue.

After all, we all not that a sweet; sometimes we have those feelings for pickles and dry chutneys too. Chicken Pickle, Mutton pickle, Prawns Pickle, those old inventions are just a click away here at Not all websites that sell foods from different categorical recipes in one place.

Organized, packed and shipped to your door step makes business very unique. They handle your orders with care to deliver it to you.

Do not wait to savor your native sweets from your home town, order them now.

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