Specialty of Kakinada Khaja

Kakinada Khaja

How about a story that has started in a small town to spread across Telugu states and Northern states which is now going global? Well we all would be interested to read or to know, isn’t it? So now here is the hero of the story, Kakinada Khaja! Hey, it’s about a sweet pastry not a person.

Kakinada is a place in Andhra Pradesh, south of India, known for its seaport of business shipments and a humble sweet Kakinada khaja.

Kakinada Khaja is the pride of its own place and they say it’s the only place where you can get to savor the authenticity of the sweet.

Don’t you want to know how it all started for ‘King Khaja’? It was first introduced by Chittipedi Kotaiah in Kakinada. He started sweet shop business there in late 1890’s as Kotaiah sweets and now there is no turning back. They have many branches spreading and growing across Andhra.

Many tried to recreate this pastry, however you may not find as fresh and glazy looking sweet Khaja as this apart from its origin.

Kakinada Khaja is also called Gottam Khaja in some parts of Telugu region for its long oval shaped layered with clarified butter and soaked in sugar syrup. A bite of it will melt in your mouth and sure will not make you forget its goodness.

Though Kakinada Khaja has no variants in them, there are other sweets that are similar to its taste but not in shape. Another notable sweet that made name in Andhra Pradesh is Tapeswaram Khaja which tastes more juicy and similar in texture but differently layered.

Gottam or Kakinada Khaja is simple in preparation yet handled with so much of carefulness to bring flavor. Just made with Maida dough or plain flour rolled out to form layers and soaked in Sugar syrup and other ingredients makes it special. The glaze on top of the sweet brought is a mystery which is only possible with the native sweet maker.

This sweet has a shelf life of up to 10 days without turning out stale.   

Kakinada Khaja is the king of all sweets in Telugu states and is available only in selected sweet shops off the region. Now gone are the days where you have to ask someone who’s in the town to carry those sweets for you if you are living away from home.

Kakinada Khaja is just an order away. Now Thugojipagojifoods.com delivers to you the best of sweets from its native towns straight to your home.

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