Advantages of eating Meat

If you are a non vegetarian eating meat based foods, you know the love and benefits you reap out of it. Let’s brush the disadvantages that comes with eating meat because that happens only when you are careless and eat too much of meat on regular basis. Anything that you eat, like sweets, meat, dairy products should be consumed in moderate and scheduled basis.

Today, let’s see what goodness eating meat brings to you.

Though alternative source to meat is cereals, grains or protein based plant foods, it creates gas or bloating in the stomach by just replacing it. If you have been eating meat for a while and decided to cut down on it suddenly then think about it again. Studies show cutting down meat shows negative effects on the body like low energy and vitamin B deficiency.

Eating meat, dairy products like eggs, poultry, and fish are good source of iron. Iron in our body is required to boost energy for day to day activity. To avoid malnutrition, we need   Vitamin B12 and Creatine in our body. This can be achieved by source of meat.

On top of that, if you restrict your dietary supplement coming from meat, you are going to make it more acidic. Healthy stomach shouldn’t be acidic. Hence with intake of non-vegetarian foods, you are making your gut healthy which in turn makes it more alkaline.

Healthy muscles, body stamina, protein based foods aid in weight loss and many benefits come with non vegetarian dishes.

Fish foods also contain omega 3 fatty acids that are known to curb loss of eye vision, arthritis and bad cholesterol. Fish and meat prevents us from having cancers, diabetes, low cholesterol levels and maintain hemoglobin.

This doesn’t mean, you should be eating only non-vegetarian foods at all times. A balance of vegetables and meat should be maintained in the diet for healthy stomach and body.

We have many recipes that we make with meat and fish. Biryanis, salads, soups, pickles, curries and stews whether steamed or cooked to perfection, not only tickle your taste buds but also healthy gut. Anything taken in moderates and in balance will help us prevent many prevailing diseases.

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