Burgers & Pizzas vs. Homemade Snacks

In these modern times, we all are calorie conscious. Lifestyle and the foods that we intake are impacting our weight and health. Many apps and tips that help us count our calories are making us more diet specific eaters.

The point is the varieties of foods available in the market are too tempting that we can’t keep away from junk foods like burgers, pizzas, ice creams etc. At the end of the day after a hefty meal of high calorie foods you tend to think, “I would have taken meals at home”. This is a common thought.

Burgers, Pizzas, icecreams, these kinds of foods are delicious to taste and contain high calories, fats and carbs, sodium and some even have high sugar in them. So the nutritional value in such foods is missing. Junk foods are often made from mysterious, low quality, frozen ingredients which is very unhealthy.

We should be aware of vitamins and minerals that we intake along with foods. Homemade foods are mostly ancient recipes that are thought with wisdom and great preparations. You can customize the foods that you eat at home as per need and demand and eat.

Fast foods are prepared with a business model and are quickly prepared to fasten up the sales. So say no to junk and fast foods. Sometimes you do not know how they are prepared and hygiene if at all applied.

Relying on home food or home food sellers is the better option to stay healthy. Not just the hygiene it comes with but also the enormous benefits of healthy nutrients it brings.

These days you find snacks as per the diet you prefer. At home the benefits from snacks can be achieved as per your own customization of wanted ingredients and avoiding unwanted ingredients. If not you can go with the home food sellers that brings you same taste and benefits just like at home.

Healthy snacks can be anything, dryfruits, Jaggery based sweets or something like sesame seeds based recipes. Individually these kind of ingredients add value to your daily diet and if you are person who cannot eat them as it is, then you can make some famous recipes like dryfruit laddus, Jaggery based sweets, palli chikki etc.

Besides kids love this kind of foods, adult will find their daily dose of vitamins and nutrients through these snacks. If you are not in a position to make them then order them online on www.thugojipagojifoods.com that sell completely nutritious, healthy snacks and in completely hygienic conditions.

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