Calories Count Vs Nutritious Diet

It remains a question for many in terms of healthy diet. What comes first, Calories count or Nutritious diet? Well, let’s not jump into a conclusion and standby one. Our world revolves around the facts and truth behind some proven things. Likewise, when it comes to what we eat, our smart humans have already proven what comes first.

So, let’s see.

It is known when human minds center around one, it might prove fatal. Let’s talk in simple terms now. Here it means that, when you are too conscious of what you eat, the results may not be welcoming. So, for those who eat with consciousness of calories counting diet, may often lead to malnutrition.

It is advisable to eat food that has nutritional value and this way you will give what’s exactly needed for your body. Many diseases we see now-a-days in the modern society are the proven result of what our body lacks and where you failed to provide what your body demanded for.

We named our diseases with a modern name called “lifestyle diseases”. Many doctors and experts use this term very frequently, why? Because it’s true, today our body lacks many vitamins and physical activity in today’s environment that we are least bothered to pay attention to the simplest things that our body need.

In the first place, we say we don’t have time to care for our self. Well, it’s just not so true. When you have time to go to the bathroom and have time to eat, means there’s somewhere you have time to know what you eat and what you do in a day.

Few things that you need to keep on mind to stay healthy are to keep a checklist on mind. And tick those if you have diligently worked them out on daily basis.

Like, a) If you have eaten food with nutritional values

          b) If you have exercised today or at least gone for a long walk of 15 to 20 minutes.

          c) Get adequate amount of sleep.

Even if you are a person that has those calories ringing on your mind, it is better to put that practice into good use. This can be achieved when you work out enough by taking nutritious diet and the amount of calories being burnt in a day. Remember this is provided the good food and exercise and then comes the calorie use.

Overeating is a big no to any individual, even to a child. Do not depend on packet based foods, depend on what our elders introduced in our houses, like millets, grains, dals. Sweet items like Jaggery or Gur based foods etc. Vegetables and adequate amount of meat if you are a Non-vegetarian, Poultry and Dairy products are recommendable to a greater extent by scientist and doctors.

Naturally processed or homemade foods are always recommended by doctors, experts and above all our elders.For home foods, you can check out some of our healthy snacks that are made from Jaggery, Dry fruits, Ghee and for Fryums and Pickles, traditionally prepared healthy foods on

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