Does Eating Food make you Happy?

We all tend to eat even when we know that eating certain foods makes us unhealthy. We still prefer eating them, because that’s what makes us happy, isn’t it? In fact we work to eat and in turn, we eat to work. After all it’s all a human habitual cycle.

We might make it an issue later about our eating habits and blame it on a bloating stomach. Sometimes we even gain weight or fall sick. Apart from genetically risen health issues, we also have food caused diseases.

For example, eating fatty foods is related to obesity or burnt food related to cancers and unhealthy snacks and innutrition food to vitamin deficiency etc. Knowing these facts we still love burgers, pizzas, chocolates, cakes and what not. I’d say why not when we take pleasure in eating?

Well, it may be true about what our mothers used to say about restaurant food. Restaurants are known to add artificial agents to make food tasty and to preserve them. This is one of the reasons why we like outside food.

When something is too tasty means something’s not right about it. It means the dish would have been made out of, too many times used oil or too much salt, or even may be too much sugar.

 Likewise, over usage of oil makes someone obese, while too much salt leads to water retention, blood pressure and too much sweet leads to high levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Taking food on time, limited and in moderation will cause no harm. As per experts to stay healthy, eat your meals in small portions, multiple times a day. Eating this way leads to easy digestion and no weight gain.

Drink plenty of water and include vitamins based nutrition in your diet plan through natural foods like vegetables and meat.

Now-a-days one has to be diet conscious not health conscious. It is because one cannot stay healthy unless they in-take proper diet.

Most of us already would be thinking what about snacks and if they are healthy too. Yes any food can be healthy provided you check with ingredients. Quality, hygiene, nutritional facts definitely gives insight into the kind of snacks we get and consume.

Be it snacks, pickles or meals, based on nutrition and how health beneficial they are, they can be eaten.     With modern and busy lifestyle we all eat anything that is delicious. Now let’s eat something nutritious yet delicious to make ourselves happy and healthy

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