Essential Nutrients that are Necessary for Kids

As we were growing, we all would have heard our parents screaming at us to say things like, drink your milk, eat your veggies etc. This in fact they knew that what our body need while growing up. Some of us, who grew up skipping such foods at young age, might already know what essential nutrients our body now lacks.

Lessons learn apart, no let’s see what and how essential nutrients play an important role in our children’s life. Children need food that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and other necessary nutrients. These are important for child’s healthy development and growth.

As the child grows proteins and calcium play an important role in physical development. With Immunity, child tends to grow with getting less often sick and in turn it aids in mental and body growth.

It’s crucial to somehow make your kids eat on time and food that contain vitamins and proteins. Like while we have seen in previous blog that often kids refuse to eat at certain stage for different reasons.

Whatever the reason is, it is parent’s responsibility to ensure child is taking food with adult’s supervision. Under our care, make your child eat that has calcium for healthy bones and proteins for physical growth.

Most of the essential vitamins and minerals come from vegetables, fruits. Proteins from pulses, mutton, chicken and other meats and calcium from milk, curd etc.

Apart from daily routine, change recipes and food every alternate day to make food more interesting and fun for kids. In case the child refuses to eat regularly, consult your doctor. Kids while growing they prefer eating more packet foods than homemade foods. Hence it is good to advice and giving an explanation for kids, why eating homemade food is important if they are kids who can understand.

Other ways to implement healthy diet is to give them food that has snacks with healthy ingredients in them. This way they will love their snack time and will not ask for outside food when they get used to it.

Dry fruits, Jaggery, Groundnuts, dates based diet are good for their growth.

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