Groundnut oil and its benefits

Groundnuts are also called peanuts. If you see peanut oil or groundnut oil in the supermarket, don’t get confused, they are all same. The nutty flavored oils are not just good in cooking but are also good in health. Groundnut oils are rich in fats which contain almost 50% fat. It is proved to be containing no cholesterol. They are also rich in unsaturated fats which are good fat that prevents you from getting any heart related problems.

Many do not know the benefits of groundnut oil, as a result of that they switch to other oils in the market. Groundnut oil has good fat in it; just a spoonful of groundnut oil will give you 6.2 grams monounsaturated fats which are a good fat.

You should also know the fact that increase in cholesterol will lead to hardened arties and creates unnecessary health issues.

Groundnut oils are naturally protecting your body by giving phytochemicals and antioxidants that free your body from toxins and free radicals. When this glorious oil is used in your diet it benefits you by reducing inflammation.

Inflammation is known to cause many disease like Arthritis, Auto immune disease, Asthma, Sinusitis etc.

Not just antioxidants and its benefits, it contains Vitamin E and essential natural antioxidant. Vitamin E is known to give good eye vision, lower the risk of cancers and importantly it protects cells from getting damaged.

This oil is naturally rich in nutrients and gives an edge to many cooking dishes. Most oils that are in the market alter the taste of your dish or overpower the natural taste of the ingredients. However it is not in the case of groundnut oil which gives an enhancing flavor to the dishes you cook with. Ground nut oils can be used in pickles, fries, Indian snacks and spicy dishes.

Refined Groundnut oil is known to make flavor and aroma of the dish most welcoming. However if you are allergic to ground nuts or peanuts then it is recommended to avoid it at all cost.

Ground nut oils are most commonly used in Indian cooking as introduced by our elders at home. However it is not same in these modern times as many are confused with the oils that are stacked in the supermarket. It is better to go with the oil that suits you the best in health. Always read your labels before you buy.

          Well, is very concerned about your health and are particular about the oils that being used in their products. From Pickles to snacks, healthy oils like groundnut oils are used in most necessary dishes.

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