Importance of Telugu Hot or Spicy Traditional Snacks

We Telugu have not only traditional sweets and hots. We also have traditional way of eating and the time we maintain to eat them. Not only we eat but also suggest anyone to eat sweet first and then hot. Hot is nothing but the mixture or some crispy dry snack that’s prepared from few Indian spices.

We have variety of Indian hot spicy snacks that we easily make at home or purchase from home food sellers. Usually hot snacks have long shelf life and can be stored and eaten at any time of the day. We Telugu people not only eat some hot snacks during snack time, we tend to give them to kids to eat along with rice as add on in Lunch.

There are variety of hot snacks that we know of which is the most famous and we make in high quantity at home are mostly janthikalu and karaboondi.

Karaboondi is often used in many functions and parties and served often in wedding lunch or dinner. Now karaboondi has become part of Telugu tradition. It is tasty and beady in shape and slightly spiced.

Another anytime go snack is Janthikalu or Murkulu as they are made from our staple crop rice. It is famous especially in telugu states. From smallest parties to biggest festivals, without this item, it won’t be a festival.

Apart from this, though garelu, punugulu etc are part of the functions and parties amongst Telugu people, now let’s discuss about the dry snacks that are part of our traditional Indian hot snack.

They are not that hot like spicy hot but neutral and just right about to eat.

We have

Kara boondi: It is made from sanaga pindi or chana flour. The batter is made to run loose through the big sieving spoon that fall into hot oil to form a beady snack. This now in turn is mixed with hot spices like chilli powder, curry leaves, peanuts etc and roasted. It has a good shelf life of 10 to 15 days.

Chegodilu: Its main ingredients are rice flour, Cumin seeds, sesame seeds, and salt and chilli powder. It is favorite amongst children and mostly prepared during Diwali.

Murkulu: Rice flour is the main ingredient in this snack and Indian spices. They are shaped out into twirls spread into hot oil and fried. Kids like eating this because of different shape the snack comes after made into bits and pieces. It’s not just the shape, it’s tasty as well.

Chekkalu: Chekkalu are round and rough in texture. It is made from rice flour and chilli powder, soaked sabudhana, moong dal etc. However the small portion of ingredients added to it makes it crack. That is why they are called Rice crackers.

Attukula mixture,Ribbon pakodi, cashew pakodi, onion pakodi, corn mixture, janthikalu etc. are other favorite traditional hot items. If you are lazy to make them at home, order them online from which is equally good in taste and quality.

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