Karam Podulu of Telugu States

Podi means powder; hand pounded or grounded with mixed spices and when it is in dry form it is called podulu.

In podulu, dry herbs like dry red chilies, peppercorns, salt are the main ingredients. There are various forms of spice mix that can be made with coconut, dals etc. These powders are pounded to be grainy in texture or smooth form sometimes.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Indian breakfast is not complete without karam podulu or powder made of spices. In breakfast foods like Idly, Dosa and certain other south Indian recipes, karam podulu enhance the taste.

To start your day with Indian foods need chutney and karam podi, adding ghee to it, will bring on the aroma and give that buttery flavor.

These powders are not only healthy, they are also tasty. Yet times you don’t need to have chutneys, powders can just go along with the South Indian Tiffin’s.

We all know coconut has many health benefits and not only does it go well with many sweet delicacies, chutneys, it’s good to make food powders too. Coconut is known to aid in weight loss, has healing properties for thyroid and filling.

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