Significance of Sankranthi Festival and Sweet Delights

Who doesn’t know the festival Sankranthi? Well most of us do know. It is because the festival Sankrathi denotes not only Seasonal significance but also Religious importance. It is the time for kids and adults alike we all get holidays in a row of celebration to feel the warmth of welcoming Sun.

Besides that, what else do we know of the festival? We all know the pot of melting Pongal Rice, isn’t it? Yes, It is traditional and a humble dish. Though our country is divided by many states and cultures, almost every state celebrates this festival to observe the shifting of Sun and they call the festival by different names. Divided by states and cultures, we also get to cook sweets to make our celebration more bright.

Then let’s see some of the sweet dishes that are popular in our Telugu states on Sankranthi Festival. Rice, Moong Dal, Sesame and Jaggery are the main ingredients of any sweet dish down south during this occasion. From every sweet shop to every household we get to witness the foods like Sweet Barfis to variety of Ladoos.

Mysore Pak: Mysore pak is a classical Indian Sweet. It is made of simple ingredients like Gram flour, Sugar and ghee. It is porous in texture and melting in mouth. It is definitely a go dish during festivals.

Coconut Kova Laddu: Abundant in availability of coconut in Telugu states perhaps makes this the most popular sweet. It is easy to make with its ingredients like Coconut, Jaggery, Khova and some nuts. Basically Coconut and Jaggery mixed and stuffed inside Khova makes this heartwarming sweet.

Sesame Ladoo/Nuvvula Vundalu: This sweet is made of Sesame seeds, the most recommendable ingredient for healthy diet and makes it a popular healthy snack. It is simply made of Sesame seeds and Jaggery.

Sunnundalu: Another famous healthy sweet made by moms, recommended to the entire family to maintain protein, Iron and fiber in body. This is highly consumable sweet for any occasion or any day snack.

Ravva ladoo: It is little crunchy in texture but soft in every bite and melts in mouth in no time. It is prepared for almost every festival for its uniqueness in taste. Bombay ravva, ghee, milk, Sugar etc are used.

Very few amongst the sea of sweet dishes have been discussed here. However there are a lot number of other sweets that are popular as well like, Ariselu, Kajjikayalu, Peanut ladoo, Almond Burfi etc.

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