Snacks that Children may like to Eat

We all once were children and we grew up eating different variety of savories. Our parents to this day treat us like kids and keep making some homemade snacks. While they prepare such snacks they keep on mind to give us always some healthy food either through meals or snacks.

Now you may be a parent with kids at home, and then let’s think like our elders did. We at all times should give priority to intake of nutritious food. Nutritious food will nurture our body, mind and soul. If body isn’t right, mind isn’t right. If proper diet isn’t going into the body, we get to lose number of vital minerals and vitamins.

Be it children or adults, snacks play an important role, now let’s see.

To boost hunger in kids, snacks should be given in disciplined and proper intervals of time. When kids are agitated or bored, they cry for snacks alone and won’t accept any other meal. This exercise is not healthy for them.

When snacks are given at certain time of the day it will improve their nutrition and then they give room for lunch or dinner and wait for their meals. Giving snacks before 2 to 3 hours prior to actual meal of the day will help kids to absorb vitamins from food.

What about fussy eaters? These are the trouble makers; usually they try to skip healthy meals and want to eat only junk food. In such cases, it is advisable for parents to get creative and give them snacks that are healthy but ensure there is a gap of at least two hours before the main meal.

Then what to give? Well, you may give snacks starting with fruits or something that has healthy element in foods they eat. Mostly homemade snack foods that has iron are Minapa vundalu, protein based snack like Bobbatlu and filling Ariselu etc. And to name there are many more and you may order them from us for healthy and hygienic foods.

The goodness of jaggery filled in these items gives a unique taste and best of quality.

Even foods like Putharekulu are a light snack for kids. They come with health benefits of nuts and ghee that makes them strong.

Recently, our pioneers at have also invented making chocolate Putharekulu with chocolate and Dryfruit filling to make it more interesting for kids. They created chocolate Putharekulu in collaboration with the original recipe makers of native town.

It is exclusively available on and we believe you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

After all you don’t have to be a kid to eat such item. We bet, you will love it too. Order various sweets and namkeens from, to make a healthy snack for your entire family.

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