Sweets made for Celebration


A sweet is always a sweet be it heavy or light, isn’t it? Or let’s say there’s no celebration without a special dish. On any festival occasion, we use sweets to participate in times of joy. Whether it’s an expression of joy or gratitude, sweet takes its place.

In India we are fond of many festivals and recipes at home. Especially during Diwali, a celebration of good over evil we tend to prepare recipes from Laddus to Mysore paks. As part of the festival, we share what we make at home or buy home foods and share them with our neighbors and friends.

From juicy Rasgullas to shiny red Gulab Jamuns they serve the purpose of joyous mood. Majority of us have sweet tooth and we can’t keep our hands away from sweet savories.

We have many states in India and we have different sweets and tastes. Today, let’s discuss few important delicacies that are common during happy times.

 Gulab Jamuns: The typical procedure to make these Round shaped Jamuns may be complicated. However most of us use instant mix of Gulab Jamuns powder to prepare. Such procedure is easy to make. They are red in color like rose and soft like sponge. Every bite melts in our mouth and a good tiding come out with happiness from these sugary delights.

Jalebi: Transparent looking Jalebis are soft and sweet. An interesting design and taste makes Jalebi peoples favorite. It is sweet in taste and juicy in every bite.

Karanjis or Gujjia or Kajji Kayalu: There is no festival that is complete without Karanjis, as they are the most common amongst many states. In many traditions, Karanjis come with crispy texture and a half moon shape. Some come with coconut or sooji stuffing mixed with sugar and some are customized as per the individuals taste.

Laddus: Boondi Laddu is famous in southern states and Motichur laddu in northern states. Both have same way of making except main ingredient Besan flour mixture is different in size. Be it a promotion, casual day or festival, laddus takes first placing on table.

Badusha: Flat and round shaped sweet Badusha is mostly purchased item in Andhra and Telangana regions. This sweet is greatly adored in north India as well. They are crunchy on outside and soft inside. The sweet melts in your mouth as it’s mostly prepared with ghee and soaked in sugar syrup.

The above discussed sweets are only very few amongst many other famous sweets consumed during festivals or on any good occasion. In India we have many other dessert recipes that are popular like Khova sweets, Ghee Bobbatlu, Kaju Barfi, Ravva Laddu etc.

Some of us are too busy to prepare these sweets or not in a place to find quality sweets from a nearby sweet shop. Its time you order authentic sweets from home food sellers here at thugojipagojifoods.com.

After all, what makes us happy is something sweet.  

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