The factors that contribute to Weight Gain

When compared to large number of people that tries to reduce weight, people trying to gain weight are less in number.

Let’s see today, what so making most of us gain weight. We have our fears, myths, beliefs about weight gain.

Some say, weight gain is due to the kind of food they eat, like junk food, sweets, snacks, oils, etc. But most of the things we think contributing are just a myth.

Weight contributes to various facts like

Sleeplessness: According to study, sleeplessness is definitely a contributing factor for weight gain. A continuous sleeplessness for 2 days will disturb your hormone and results in steady and slow weight gain. When you are stressed from lack of sleep, you need more energy than usual to run your day, that’s when your cravings for food start and that discipline to eat will be lost.

Age: It is a big no, to eat as you usually eat like when you were younger even when you get old. Our muscles get replaced by fat as we get old and metabolism gets slower, so it is advisable to eat how much our body can digest as we get old and not overeat.

Stress: When you are stressed out, your cortisol, kind of stress hormone, levels become high, making your insulin levels decrease and makes you gain weight around your belly region. So if your body to tend to get weight and lose weight reguraly, you now knows how to keep that in check. It is proper sleep and reducing stress that helps.

Hydration: Hydration is a very important factor that contributes to keep your weight in check. When you are dehydrated, your brain signals you to intake water. Where you feel weak, thirsty, pain in joints etc are signs of dehydration. In this case if you mistake such incidents to be your hunger for food then it results in weight gain.

Genes: If you take genes into count, they play a major role, if you have any parent or those big personalities running in your families, it is likely you are going to look the same. The fat storage is high is such individuals as per their gene type. They are at risk of heart and diabetic related issues due to weight problems. It is highly advisable to such people to exercise and have healthy diet to maintain and tackle weight on regular basis.

Health related issue: Persons with thyroid and diabetes gain weight because of metabolism being controlled by those harmones. It is advised to eat right and take proper medications to reduce the problem so that your weight will be in check. Especially those who have thyroid tend to eat more because the hormone makes them eat more.

From this information we understood it’s not that sweets, snacks or certain foods that makes us fat. It is those stress our harmones and lifestyle.

Even if you are a food lover, you don’t have to lose your appetite; you just need to eat everything in moderates.

For snacks foods that contain jaggery, Ghee and especially home foods are good source of healthy eating. You can even order them on and check for description and ingredients to select the right item for you.

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