The goodness of Telugu Snack Ariselu

Ariselu is a popular sweet in Telugu states of Andhra and Telangana. It is unique in taste and has leathery soft texture. But in every bite it melts away with the stuffing of jaggery and wet rice flour mixture. Every household makes this sweet during all festivals and especially during Sankranthi festival.

Festival Sankranthi comes in the season of spring, where the moisture in the rice is still withheld as it is the harvest time and is advised by elders to use sesame seeds to the mixture before being cooked. This procedure helps us to balance body temperature upon consumption. Even some like it without sesame seeds, this does not alter the taste of ariselu, as it is added on the outer surface before fried.

The typical main ingredients in the dish are soaked wet rice, drained and grinded. The second popular healthy ingredient is Jaggery which is melted on a slow flame and other aromatic sweet spice like cardamom and Ghee/Clarified butter is added.

To this mixture, the flour mixture is added slowly and stirred with finesse. Now dough is formed and with it equal amounts of balls are made before they flatten them out like small shaped Rotis. Now at this stage the flattened rotis are covered or dipped in sesame seeds before being fried. Ariselu cooked to perfection usually shows the signs of the brownish color on the texture which means they are ready to be eaten.

The problem here is that, though like many other fried items absorb oil, Ariselu absorb oil too. But this is taken care by pressing them between two wooden round blocks to remove that excess oil from Ariselu.

Let’s see if Ariselu are healthy or not. They are indeed healthy to be taken but contain little high calories so you might want to take them moderately. Ariselu has sesame seeds, which are far beyond healthy, like I said before in other blogs, they just don’t control your body temperature, and they also boost your immunity. Jaggery on the other hand, as discussed earlier, it is the best sweet that can be even given to a child.

Jaggery is good for digestion, detoxification and contains important minerals, selenium etc. So Ariselu don’t just taste good, it is a healthy snack too. During festivals and parties, it is the rich, best snack that can be served.

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