What are the best and Popular Sweets of India?

While the question remains a question, it is hard to predict and tell which sweet is the best among the sweet savors of India. As the best depends on the individual taste buds and likes, it is not simple to know. However it is easy to know the popular sweets as we have some hundreds and thousands of sweet recipes. Some are really popular in every store and household.

Though not all sweets are prepared on regular basis at homes, at least we make some that are tasty and easy. With availability of ingredients and right moulds or shapes for some sweets can be prepared with finesse.

We have sweets that are made of different techniques with same ingredients and different shapes. We have various states and each state has its uniqueness in food cuisines and so are the sweets. We have even states that are popular by name of their origin where some sweets are first known.

For example Mysore Pak from Mysore, Rasgulla from Bengal, Khaja of Kakinada, Puthrekulu of Atreyapuram etc are some sweets that are well known across India and they now even are going global.

Some sweets might have been born with the states of India but there are also sweets that are born from the religion and traditional food making. While sweets like Modak from Maharastra, Petha from Delhi, Soan Papdi from Gujarat are popular, there are other sweets like Phirni by Muslims, Puran Poli or Bobbatlu by Hindus, cakes by Christians who introduced proudly to the world but they are not limited by religion.  

India may have different states, different languages, different traditions, different cultures, but we are united by a celebrity sweet so called “Laddu or Laddoo”.

Who doesn’t know a Laddoo? Well, even a kid knows. India is haven for food; we have even brought forward varieties in Laddoos like Motichur Laddu, Besan Laddu, Dry fruit Laddu etc. While some laddoos are purely made for celebration like festivals, parties and for any good occasion there are other sorts of laddoos that are treated and eaten with care.

Laddoos like Dry fruit laddoos and Sunundalu are known for health and taste. Dry fruit laddoos are made from dryfruits and healthy nuts where as sunundalu is made from minipapappu. All these ingredients are nutritious. To read more about dry fruit and nuts benefits, Click here: ***Pls give the link for previous blog – amazing dry fruits and nuts with health benefits***

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